Return order

1. Send a picture of your order. our mail: ICEFOT.RETURN@OUTLOOK.COM
if you have send the package back to us and we have not recived the trackingnumber then we can not do anything about it so it is very important.
2. we do not pay for the shipping.
so you have all the responsibility with the shipping and taxes back to us.
More question about returning your package the contact ""


Hello everyone. we have current not responded to our last mails from the 15th september to 15th Oktober. We have a new mail "". sorry for not answering the prevoius mails. it was a bugg and now we have just fixed it. all the current mail please send it again to this ""


If you have not recived your order after 28 days. contact our mail ""

Please dont contact us before that.

It depends on. it can arrive in the mailbox or at the nearest post office. always good to keep track of whether the package arrives via the nearest post office.

- if you have not received the tracking number within 10 days. email us "". we will help you. if you have not received before these days, you do not need to ask until more than 10 days have passed. If you send us an email before then we will not answer you.

The day you buy, it takes between 2-7 days for it to be shipped.
The reason is because we don't just produce your shirt. all our customers the shirts since we ship them at the same time.

sometimes it can happen that a package gets canceled for no reason. you have to track and check if it says "Shipment cancelled" because if it does contact us directly and we will send a new one as soon as possible.

if you have made an order. type your ordernumber #IF0000. if you don't do that then we will not answer because we don't know your order so please type it.

If you are not happy with out product then you can make a return. the day you recived it is the day the "14 days guarantee money back starts"


If you have recently received the tracking number and it is not working then please wait 3 working days before contacting us. If it doesn't work after 3 working days, contact".